Compo Body Builder

Compo Body Builder

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Just what the doctor ordered to create a missing finger, fill a huge crack, or smooth out bad paint areas. 'Compo Body Builder' is a flesh colored compound that comes ready to use straight from the jar. It is soft and moldable but dries very hard. It is so strong that you can use it to mold missing parts without the use of pins, forms, or any other support. In most cases it becomes stronger than the original material.

We have recently discovered a new use for our 'Body Builder'. We like to call it the 'Heavy Duty Spot Clean Technique'. Take a tiny dab of 'Body Builder' on your 'Craz-e-wipe', buff away on a small stubborn mark and watch it disappear. With this method the 'Body Builder' acts like a rubbing compound. We don't recommend this technique for cleaning entire dolls. Try it and tell us how you like it.

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1/2 oz.


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