Instructions for Dolly Eye Renew

To Apply To Crazed Eyes:  Choose the appropriate iris color for your doll, and apply to the crazed eye with the applicator. Let the color dry several hours. When the color is fully dry, take the tip of the black applicator and make a pupil in the center of the eye. Allow pupil to dry several hours, then apply a topcoat of the clear Renew (clear topcoat is optional, but gives a smoother finish on the eye).

To Apply to Dull eyes:  Choose a color (may change original color of eyes), or use the clear if you want to keep the original color. Apply the chosen color with the applicator, and allow to dry fully.

To Apply to Whites of Eyes:  Take the white applicator and lightly apply to discolored whites of eyes. Allow to dry fully.

Note: If the doll has sleep eyes stuff part of a Craz-e-Wipetm inside the head to keep the eyes open, leave the other part of Craz-e-Wipetm out for easy removal when eyes are completely dry. 

Product liability is limited to purchase price of Dolly Eye Renewtm Products
Clean up: use soap and water. Keep out of reach of children. Non-toxic

DollyEye Renew