Famous doll writer Peggy Millhouse (you've seen her great articles in Doll Reader) shares some ideas:

The composition doll has long been a victim of crazing and, over the years, restoration has been expensive and often less than satisfactory. I avoided composition dolls for this very reason. Still, I was drawn to their unique warmth and ended up with a few charmers in my collection. Crazing, as it is called, was considered inevitable in the composition doll world: several of my own dolls were suffering from some nasty looking lines. Undaunted, but pretty discouraged, I happened upon Compo Craze Concealer. In California to give a program, I was able to attend a doll show in Vallejo. There I saw Elisa, Sandi's daughter, demonstrate the product that her mother had developed and perfected. In a matter of minutes I was enamored with this product! I purchased some, thinking at first that it was expensive, but the more I used it, the more I loved it. My crazed composition dolls began a new life. I was also amazed at how little Compo Craze Concealer I needed for each doll, and my original purchase (1/2 oz) eventually restored twenty 8 to 14 inch dolls. What a return on my investment - less than $3.00 per doll!!

Getting to know Sandi has been delightful. She is a charming, compassionate, and energetic woman. She loves composition dolls and wanted doll collectors to have the opportunity to own beautiful examples. Sandi is sensitive to the requests and needs of the composition doll collector, since they have been her own struggles and frustrations. She continues to expand the line of products to care for and restore composition dolls. I have the highest regards for Sandra Lee Products and the family behind them.
Peggy Millhouse

Peggy has a wonderful doll site and sells booklets on restoration techniques at: *this link is temporarily down for technical reasons but you can email her directly here: Peggy Millhouse