Instructions for Compo Craze Concealer



All dolls should be dean and free of dust before using COMPO CRAZE CONCEALER. For best results, we recommend cleaning your doll with DOLL CLEANING SOLUTION, applied with a thin cloth (T-shirt material works great). 


NOTE: The jar of blush concealer is not designed to be used as a cheek color, but rather for concealing the crazing of the blushed areas of your doll, such as the cheeks, elbows, knees and tops of hands. Flesh color concealer for all skin colored surfaces. 


STEP 1: Using your finger, wrapped in a thin cloth (t-shirt fabric works great), remove a small amount of the concealer enough to cover a crazed area of the doll that needs concealing (about one square inch per application). If your product is a little dry and you don't want to mix more water into it, you can use a damp thin cloth instead of a dry one.


STEP 2: Start with a small amount on an inconspicuous area, e.g. on foot or back of neck, until you get the feel of it. Rub the concealer into the craze lines in a circular motion, applying a little gentle pressure. Use a cotton swab for any place difficult to reach, or areas where you wish to be very careful, such as around the eyebrows and painted lashes. Complete the whole process before moving to the next area. 




STEP 3: IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY wipe concealer from surface of doll, by using a clean portion of a thin cloth. If it is starting to dry, simply apply a bit more pressure. If it gets too hard to wipe off the surface , don't worry, just let it dry for a while. Then go back over it with a small amount of DOLL CLEANING SOLUTION on a thin cloth, and it will easily wipe off the surface.


STEP 4: Move to the next area of crazing and repeat steps 1 through 3. If area has no crazing, you need not apply concealer. You will find COMPO CRAZE CONCEALER very simple to use.


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Dolls that have been sealed or varnished over may not likely benefit from the use of this product. If concealer begins to harden and dry in the jar, add a drop of water and work in to reconstitute. Replace lid after use and protect from direct sunlight. But most of all, Have Fun! It is amazing to watch your doll's appearance improve before your eyes!




Instructions for Compo Body Builder


COMPO BODY BUILDER is for use as a filler for deep crazing and large cracks. It is also great for building up missing parts of your doll such as fingers and toes etc.


Please read all instructions before you begin!


All dolls should be clean and dry before using COMPO BODY BUILDER For best results we recommend cleaning your doll first, with our DOLL CLEANING SOLUTION using a clean thin cloth (t-shirt material works great).


TO USE COMPO BODY BUILDER AS A FILLER take a small amount on your fingertip (if preferred use a latex glove) and rub it into the cracks. You may need to apply several times for deep cracks allowing to dry between applications. Remove excess from surface with a damp cloth before it dries. When COMPO BODY BUILDER is completely dry (8-12hrs) you may apply COMPO CRAZE CONCEALER as per instructions, then buff concealer to return luster to filled areas (if desired).


NOTE: When using COMPO CRAZE CONCEALER over large filled surfaces try to match the surface color as close as possible ( this may require mixing concealer colors). Also note: concealer darkens when it is buffed.


TO USE COMPO BODY BUILDER AS A BUILDER on a small part such as a toe, using your finger take an appropriate amount of COMPO BODY BUILDER to reproduce missing part. Attach it to the doll and shape it as desired (you do not need to use any wires or pins, the product is very hard when dry). Allow piece to dry for 24 hrs before handling. For building up larger missing parts such as a hand or foot, you will need to build it up in layers, adding a layer every 24 hrs until the piece is formed. Try to shape each layer as you go for best results. When the part is fully dry (24 hrs after final application) you may lightly sand until smooth. If desired you may apply a thin coat of COMPO CRAZE CONCEALER over the new piece, then buff(see above note).


CLEAN UP: Wash your hands with warm water before the Body Builder dries. Replace lid tightly when not in use. Do not freeze.


FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 10 minutes.



Instructions for Dolly Eye Renew

To Apply To Crazed Eyes:  Choose the appropriate iris color for your doll, and apply to the crazed eye with the applicator. Let the color dry several hours. When the color is fully dry, take the tip of the black applicator and make a pupil in the center of the eye. Allow pupil to dry several hours, then apply a topcoat of the clear Renew (clear topcoat is optional, but gives a smoother finish on the eye).


To Apply to Dull eyes:  Choose a color (may change original color of eyes), or use the clear if you want to keep the original color. Apply the chosen color with the applicator, and allow to dry fully.


To Apply to Whites of Eyes:  Take the white applicator and lightly apply to discolored whites of eyes. Allow to dry fully.

Note: If the doll has sleep eyes stuff some tissue paper inside the head to keep the eyes open, leave the other part of the tissue paper out for easy removal when eyes are completely dry. 

Product liability is limited to purchase price of Dolly Eye Renew tm Products
Clean up: use soap and water. Keep out of reach of children. Non-toxic

DollyEye Renew






Instructions for Dolly Shampoo







1.     Remove doll's wig if possible (compo, bisque & some hard plastic)






2.     Put HAIRNET (provided) over doll's wig/rooted hair. Make sure it fits snugly.  This keeps the style & curl intact.






3.     Mix 1 tablespoon of shampoo with 1 cup of water & whip it until a frothy foam appears.






4.     Hold the wig in one hand and pat foam into the doll's hair with the other hand.






5.     Rinse wig thoroughly in COOL water. NOTE: The wig cap will get wet; this is OK.






6.     Let dry for 1-2 days over a carafe or vase (to let air through). Do not dry on doll's head.  If wig cap shrinks, you can cut small slits in the bottom of the cap to expand it.








Dolly Shampoo





Instructions for Staintique



Test for Colorfastness. Dilute product in water. General use, 1 scoop to quart.

Stain removal, 2 scoops to quart; Heavier stains, 3 scoops to a quart

Soak 30-60 minutes or overnight. Rinse and allow to dry.



Avoid contact with skin and eyes & mucous membranes. Do not ingest.

First Aid: Flush eyes with water at least 15 minutes, flush skin with

water or milk. Internal: do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water or

milk. Call a physician.


Product liability limited to purchase price.